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Hacked? What to do if you are hacked, suspect fraud, or are threatened on your computer.
10 May : 04:00  by admin
You have been hacked. Now what??

It is a common question for home and office computer users. Many companies and state agencies have a policy, procedure, and phone list for dealing with being hacked.

This article will give you some general guidelines on what to do if you are hacked; as well as whom to contact. Also, security is one of the many services The Computer Dudes, Inc. offers home, business, and government clients.

First Step – Secure Your Computer

The first thing you should do is secure the computer being hacked to prevent the hacker from getting any further information out of your computer.

This is done by disconnecting the computer from the internet by unplugging the network cable and / or turning off the wireless networking. With no internet connection the hacker loses control of your computer.

Step Two – Notification

Notify all computer users that your computer has been hacked, if you are in a work environment let your supervisor know and if your company has an IT person let them know.

Step Three – Contact Law Enforcement

If you just have a virus or some pop-ups and you do not think any of your personal or company information has been compromised – then you may not need to contact Law Enforcement.

If you do need to contact Law Enforcement then take a few moments to write up a summary of what has happened, include details on the computer system, the attack, and your preferred contact information.

How to contact Law Enforcement

For this article we contacted the local police departments and sheriff’s office. Their recommendations were as follows.

1) Contact Local Law Enforcement first. This means your city police or sheriff‘s office.

2) Contact State Level Law Enforcement – for Florida that is the FDLE, Florida Department of Law Enforcement. You should contact your local law enforcement before contacting FDLE.

3) If the hackers are international or involve financial institutions then you may also need to contact the FBI or other federal law enforcement agency. You should contact your local law enforcement first before involving FDLE and Federal Agencies.

Law Enforcement Contact Information for Leon County Florida

Tallahassee Police - for residences and businesses inside the city limits.
Online Reporting for TPD: [ Link ] 850-891-4200

Leon County Sheriff’s Office - for residences and businesses Leon County Florida
Website: [ Link ] 850-922-3300

FDLE – for Statewide, National or International hacks, fraud, and threats.
FDLE Cybercrime Reporting Website: [ Link ]

FDLE Computer Crime Center Phone# 850-617-1350
FDLE Computer Crime Center Email: -email-

Make sure you have your notes together and are calm before you call. The Law Enforcement people may ask you some questions but it is not personal, they are just trying to determine what happened and how.

Keep notes on your conversations and follow up until the incident has been investigated.

After you have saved your data and contacted law enforcement secure your computer by running scans or with a complete reload. Remember to install and update your Anti-Virus programs and your Operating System before you return to the internet.

Good Luck! If you need assistance feel free to contact us here at the Computer Dudes, Inc. 850-681-7552 or -email-
by admin in 30 May : 22:59
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Sometimes you may want to "hack them back" but it is generally best to resist this urge.

You can easily report them to their internet service provider though, if you can get their IP number.

Here is a simplified procedure for what to do if you have their IP number:

1) Go to [ Link ] or other domain name register.

2) Type in the IP number or the Domain name( website address).

3) You will be given a name for who owns or who uses that Domain name or IP number at this time. In that information will be an email or phone number for "abuse"

4) Send a simple email to the abuse contact stating what happened, what time and date, and that you are reporting that IP number or Domain name.

Give them a couple of days to get back to you and if you get no response contact them again or use the phone number listed.

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