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Computer Dudes, Inc of Tallahassee, Florida launches new website!

on 30 May 2016  Posted by Administrator  Category: Security News  

Tallahassee, Florida - August 21st, 2017 

The Computer Dudes, Inc of Tallahassee Florida with offices in Tampa and Atlanta is proud to launch our new upgraded website.

The New Site is more secure and will upgrade several internal and external web operations such as ecommerce, news, and even product databases.

Today's launch is primarily only the background framework.  In the coming weeks we well add and activate all the web site's functions and service.  Thanks for joining us today and we hope you will check back soon.

Kindest Regards,
Todd W. Byars
The Computer Dudes, Inc.

Protect your Online Privacy with Tor

on 21 Apr 2016  Posted by Administrator  Category: Security News  

Want to stop Microsoft, Google, Facebook, or Corporate America, and Government Agencies, from easily tracking your web-surfing or online habits?
Download Tor.https://www.torproject.org/index.html.enUse it for functions you would rather keep private. ;)T

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