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on 18 Dec 2018  Posted by Administrator  Category: Security News  


This is a sample article.   You can do great things  Here

The Computer Dudes, Inc. doubled in size in the 3rd Quarter of 2018 due to an increase in demand for Computer and Security Services.

on 17 Dec 2018  Posted by Administrator  Category: Security News  

The Computer Dudes, Inc. doubled in size in the 3rd Quarter of 2018 due to an increase in demand for Computer and Security Services.

Security and Server services have shown a sharp demand increase in 2018 because of the sharp upswing in retail and corporate hacking in 2016 and 2017.  Many offices have upgraded servers and security routers as well as data backup systems to meet growing threats.   Many of our clients have custom, one of a kind, security solutions.

Encryption of hardware and software has long been a Computer Dudes specialty.   We can encrypt a file, a laptop, a database, a server or a data center and keep them running just as fast as the unencrypted.  

Some of our clients have even requested computer networks and servers that function if all versions of Windows fail.   

Is your computer and office that secure?   If not.  Call us.  1.800.545.1449 

To Back-Up or Not the Back-Up. That is the question.

on 04 Sep 2018  Posted by Administrator  Category: Security News  

Backing up Data on an old IBM System 36 mainframe.   It used huge Floppy distks that only held about 320 ki of memory.

It is MUCH easier now to back your data and system software if you need.  

Here are a few general rules on Backing Up your data in 2018

1)  Don't back too much up.  You really only need to backup your documents, photos, music, video and any other personal data files you may keep in your computer.

2)  Make more than one backup copy just in case.  Keep the 2nd Backup off site, incase of building fire or other disaster.

3) Make it a regular Habit.   Backup at least weekly.

4) If you use a "Backup Service" online, verify everything is in there from time to time.   

5) Do your backup at the same time every week, that way it becomes a habit.

6) If your data is confidential lock it with a password, or put it in a Zio file for compression and then give that a password.

In my experiance, one can never have too many backups.   :)T

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