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3 weeks ago
This week we will be playing with replacing Microsoft Active Directory with the new SAMBA4 on several versions of Linux including Raspberian. :)T

3 weeks ago
I do not consider other Tech Companies or their owners and employees as competition.

I think of them as my Brothers and Sisters. - Todd W. Byars, founder The Computer Dudes, Inc. Tallahassee, Florida.

3 months ago
Cisco Command Line is still the best. ;)T


4 months ago
https://mycomputerdudes.com/product/3d-printed-rocket-from-guardians-of-the-galaxy/ Follow this link to purchase a 3-d printed plastic model of "Rocket" Racoon from Guardians of the Galaxy! Super detailed!! :)T

5 months ago
Here is an interesting website that does Site Ranking and Search Engine Ranking for any website. It generates a free report online and in PDF format. https://checkpagerank.net/index.php

11 months ago
Chatbox Active: Sorry, you have to be a Computer Dude to post here. ;)

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"Chico" is ready for On-Site Demo's in small and medium sized Offices. Chico can replace your Rack Servers, Routers, and Security Devices.

on 10 Nov 2019  Posted by Administrator  Category: Security News  

"Chico" is READY for demonstration in your Office!   Chico is our 8 computer cluster that can replace an entire rack of Computer Servers.

For the demonstration we bring Chico to you!  Then from an employee workstation you can log onto Chico and see the File Server, Backups, and Internet without touching or changing you current Network.

It gets better.   If you use Chico to replace your standard servers your power bill will drop by around a hundred dollars a month, and you will regain office space the old servers occupied. (Statement based on a single server rack being replaced.)   

Another benefit - "No down time for server upgrades."  The old servers and network can run concurrently with Chico until the old is no longer needed and turned off.  

The Icing on the Cake?   All the software is Raspberian, or other free versions of Linux.  No expensive Microsoft Software or Server Licenses to purchase!!

The Basic Chico 8 will be priced around $1,700,  The Basic Chico 4 will be priced around $1,200.   The number next the name indicates how many computers are in the Chico.

More soon - Todd 

The Computer Dudes, Inc of Tallahassee, Florida, is proud to announce our "Newline MicroServers".

on 15 Oct 2019  Posted by Administrator  Category: Technology  
As you know Computer Dudes does its own research and development.   For the last year we have been working on server solutions that use significantly less power and generate less heat.
We are now proud to announce our first line of Server Products under our brandname  "Newline MicroServers".  
The initial MicroServer is built with 8 Raspberry Pi 4Bs in a plexiglass case that smaller than a loaf of bread.   We named it "Chico" because of its size.  Chico is portable too when run off 5 volt USB power packs.

The first version is for office and datacenter use.  New models will include additional features to allow them to be a security router, network scanning antivirus tool, WiFi extender or access point, advanced email server, live streaming audio-video server, and a whole lot more.
Additionally our servers are already setup to monitor and control factory machines and printing presses... just about any project with motors, sensors, and communications.

Now it is time to talk to some local and regional companies about reducing their Data Center power bills by 2/3rds with our Newline MicroServers.
Each Newline MicroServer has 8 processors and uses a maximum of 125 watts of power.   Compared to eight standard rack mount servers that use up to 4000 Watts! 
Be sure to check out the photo, it really is smaller than a loaf of bread.   :)T

The "Skunk" - a mail-able computer that calls home from "on the road."

on 01 Oct 2019  Posted by Administrator  Category: Security News  

Today we invented a new "Mail-able" Computer that tracks itself as its being transported, measures radio channels, temperature, pressure, motion, speed and "calls home" when it finds an open network.

We named it "The Skunk" because it is small and mostly black with a little antenna "tail," all inside a sealed shipping envelope.  The photo is of the Skunk before packaging to mail.  It fits nicely in a padded standard letter sized envelope.   

Sorry, it is proprietary technology and not for sale at this time, but maybe soon.  - Todd  ;)

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