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Our Motto is "Nothing is Impossible."   Just ask us, we will build you anything.  - Todd W. Byars, Founder

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So - You want to be a Computer Dude?

on 31 Dec 2022  Posted by CorpRattX  Category: Fashion  Comments (1)

So you want to be a Computer Dude?

The word / expression "Dude" is not a reference to being male, female, or whatever, it is a designation of "Skill Level."

When we go surfing - anyone rated "Dude" just means they have the skill to surf safely, do stunts; and did not have to be watched by
the others for group safety..   :)Todd

This is what a "Computer Dude" needs to know to work with one of my 2023.

Dude Basic Skills - 2023

Can you setup a Single Board Computer (SBC), such as the Raspberry Pi 4B (RPI), to boot off USB 3.1 or faster?
Can you setup a RPI to run in 64 Bit Mode?
Can you setup a RAMDISK on the RPI to run the OS?
Can you setup a RPI as an Apache Web Host?
Can you setup an MySQL or other SQL database on a RPI?
Can you setup a basic HTML only Website?
Can you convert a CSV document to an SQL Database and back again?

Computer Dude Advanced Skills:

Can you cluster RPI's?
Can you load VMware ESXi on a RPI, AMD or INTEL chipsets?
Can you P2V and run Linux Virtual Machines - Workstation and Server on a RPI VMware Sphere?

Computer Dudes Jedi level skills:

Can you identify the chipsets and overclock an RPI or change its functions?
Can you run Aircrack and John the Ripper on RPI? In cluster mode with RPI? Custom rules and Dictionary?
Can you virtualize Droid and Mac operating systems?
Can you setup an RPI as a Router or Virtual Router Cluster?
Can you encrypt data from an HTML or other Web Form before it leaves the workstation and before it enters the database?

Computer Dudes Yoda level skills:

Can you build and manage a large VMware Sphere with active routing and active scanning VMware bots and servers?
Can your servers automatically respond to an attack?
Can you create or work with encryption that is non-standard and to higher quality and security than a current computer encryption no matter what the OS?
Can you do all of the above on an Intel Chipset using Microsoft Virtualization and HyperV?
Can you plan and build a small data center?
Can you repair and reactivate a disaster damaged data center with no power?

These are the BASIC to JEDI / Yoda skill levels of a Computer Dude in 2023. 

Your Friend and Founder of The Computer Dudes, Inc.-  Since 1997.
Todd W. Byars
Computer Dudes

PS All of these skills can be Self Taught, learned in certification classes and from tech schools and colleges.

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The Computer Dudes Inc

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  • Posted by CorpRattX on 27 Oct 2023
    So - You want to be a Computer Dude?
    Comments: 22
    Updates to List:

    1) DSL - Cable - Wireless - Wifi - Satlink Setup and Debug Skills
    2) Updating FIRMWARE on Home, Business and Corporate Routers
    3) Microsoft Server Updates and Upgrades
    4) Blended Power Systems
    5) Low Energy Computers
    6) Product Knowledge of Internet Services, Security, Data Center Services
    7) Battery, Backup Power, Solar

    Certainly more to come... :)T


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8 hours ago
Alert Cleared. Status is 4 Green

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)T

1 day ago
DAMMIT - can't a guy even get a nap after a disaster.

We have an ALERT ONE:

Incident Report Logged.
Go to Secure Mode.

Thanks and Have a Nice Weekend. :)T

1 day ago
For those of you following TAK and ATAK did not fail during the last storm even though the power was out for most of the area.

Solar and Cell Phone Battery Pack Chargers kept them all online. Some recharge in their vehicles when no grid power or solar is available. :)T

1 day ago
We took more than $10,000 in damage from the storm that hit Tallahassee, Florida two nights ago.

We are on Secondary Data and Phones.

CenturyLink gets fired as our Data Provider today or early next week.

Our business class accounts have not been supported or repaired.

All Computer Dudes Clients Online and doing fine.

No insurance claim will be submitted.

No assistance offered from Tallahassee, Area except from a couple of our clients.

Business Reality and Resilience 2024 - SE United States.

I have to get back to work now - more updates later.

Todd W. Byars
Computer Dudes
Since 1997
Global Operations and Space

2 days ago
Another form of TAK

Different Approach and Multiple Equipment Options.

Link to other TAK several posts below this one.

Most of you may have a TAK group in our State or Nation. Simply search YOUR CITY name and TAK or ATAK for Civilian Level Products also used by Fire Fighters, EMS, Law Enforcement and Others.

If you have trouble contact us here at Computer Dudes for a quick review or questions - we generally do NOT sell these products but instead direct you to those who created and support them - to purchase through their secure Website or Portal.

Todd W. Byars
Computer Dudes

2 days ago
Given that many of the Local Law Enforcement and all Branches of the US Military are "shy" and do not care to help with training or talking to civilians and corporations about Drones and Drone Defense - Computer Dudes has created a new Drone Defense Training Course.

I made the calls this week and we now hope to have one or two certified Olympic Shooting Sports Trainers. Allare Professionally Ranked.

One out of Atlanta, One out of Tampa.

We may add a 3rd local trainer - she is very good at training new students.

These people have been training men and women for US Olympic Shooting Team and Competitions - to shoot professional competition in Trap and Skeet as well as the other Shooting Sports involving Clays and Paper Targets.

All of them have Outstanding Skills and decades of instructional experience.

More updates Soon!!
The Story on Drone Defense is here on our website: Story 5 or 6.

3 days ago

ACTIVE - And we have projects going in several more US States and Nations Internationally today alone.

Come Grow With Us - by
Step 1 Cleaning Out your Workshop or Work Areas - and start new training, projects, art and or build new things.

Small Companies - Do the Same.

Step 2 Choose or Create your best product or service then come tell me about it on LinkedIn - Todd W. Byars :)

4 days ago
Civilian Airspace Control and Monitoring?

On your computer or Android Phone

For flight watchers, forest fire fighters, remote locations, video, cargo and sensor Drones and UAV's.

Add your own LiDAR or RADAR sensors using single board computers and solar panels for resilience.

Fun too - they got a Game that works outside and inside called Drone Football.

Here at Computer Dudes we like the fun innovations and technology that allows us to work safer and be more productive.

Check out that website and download the app to give it a try. :)T

6 days ago
Breaking News:

Geek Squad is going in-active. No more onsite repairs or drop off repairs for Geek Squad.

Don't worry - Computer Dudes isn't going anywhere except to the Future as we continue to grow into new areas and products / services.

Todd W. Byars
Computer Dudes
Global Operations and Space

6 days ago
Found some Drone Boats and Catamarans for surveying and working on channels or harbors.

Cool looking company too.

As usual - NOT a PAID ENDORSEMENT - just some cool projects and website I found.

I wonder if they still have the Napier Lion Diesel 2 Stroke Aircraft Engine they once had for sale? :)T

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