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3 weeks ago
This week we will be playing with replacing Microsoft Active Directory with the new SAMBA4 on several versions of Linux including Raspberian. :)T

3 weeks ago
I do not consider other Tech Companies or their owners and employees as competition.

I think of them as my Brothers and Sisters. - Todd W. Byars, founder The Computer Dudes, Inc. Tallahassee, Florida.

3 months ago
Cisco Command Line is still the best. ;)T


4 months ago
https://mycomputerdudes.com/product/3d-printed-rocket-from-guardians-of-the-galaxy/ Follow this link to purchase a 3-d printed plastic model of "Rocket" Racoon from Guardians of the Galaxy! Super detailed!! :)T

5 months ago
Here is an interesting website that does Site Ranking and Search Engine Ranking for any website. It generates a free report online and in PDF format. https://checkpagerank.net/index.php

11 months ago
Chatbox Active: Sorry, you have to be a Computer Dude to post here. ;)

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As soon as you read this UPDATE all of your Windows 10 computers and devices.

UPDATE WINDOWS 10 from Control Panel and Restart your computer.

Microsoft's flagship Operating System, Windows 10, has another set of security risks.    So as soon as you read this update all of your Windows 10 computers and devices.  Let your friends and coworkers know.   

The update only takes about 10 minutes and requires a restart.   It is best to close all programs before running the update.  Most Windows computers also update when you restart them.  You can run or schedule

Here is a story on CNN about the latest update.     https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/14/tech/windows-10-microsoft-security-update-trnd/index.html

This link is to a more technical explanation of the Windows 10 bugs and the updates that fix them:

Tired of Windows and all the updates?   Switch to Linux or Mac.  ;)  

If you need further assistance feel free to call us here at The Computer Dudes, Inc.  850.681.7552

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