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2 weeks ago
I am not worried about the Corona Virus.

I am prepared. :)T

3 weeks ago
Hello Hacker "Anthony" or do you use a different handle?
Sorry there is nothing to steal here but if you want to play just email us, we will let you know when we have a competition or something going on.

Any of the other projects on the site are pretty much open source too so if you have an interest let us know. corprattx@gmail.com

2 months ago
Building the "Gordo-48" and "fitting it all together."

A Gordo-48 replaces 40 standard Servers but uses less than 500 Watts in an hour.

A standard Server uses around 500 Watts, times 40 Servers = 20,000 Watts per hour. You do the math. - Todd W. Byars, Computer Dudes, Tallahassee, Florida

#computerdudes #toddwbyars #newlinemicroservers #projectgordo #gordo48 #unitedstatesofamerica

2 months ago
Order for Pickup Home Depot, W Tallahassee. Jan 14th or after.
Order #W945174892
Order Total: $28.93 Charged to Dudes care Online

2 months ago
"The existence of a polynomial-time quantum algorithm proves that one of the most widely used cryptographic protocols is vulnerable to an adversary who possesses a quantum computer. However, it is theoretically accepted that quantum computers could equally be used to counteract against adversarial actions of this kind with the laws of quantum mechanics applied in this cryptographic capacity (through use of quantum computers) paving the way to quantum cryptography."

Our "Gordo-24" is a "Quantum Computer" that can be configured for non-standard computing. ;)T

2 months ago
Nice Try Iran. You hacked one level of passwords on one of our servers but got locked out due to the geographic location of your servers.
Next time, mask your IP number. Don't be too embarrassed, we busted China with the same trick over a year ago. ;)T

5 months ago
This week we will be playing with replacing Microsoft Active Directory with the new SAMBA4 on several versions of Linux including Raspberian. :)T

5 months ago
I do not consider other Tech Companies or their owners and employees as competition.

I think of them as my Brothers and Sisters. - Todd W. Byars, founder The Computer Dudes, Inc. Tallahassee, Florida.

7 months ago
Cisco Command Line is still the best. ;)T


9 months ago
https://mycomputerdudes.com/product/3d-printed-rocket-from-guardians-of-the-galaxy/ Follow this link to purchase a 3-d printed plastic model of "Rocket" Racoon from Guardians of the Galaxy! Super detailed!! :)T

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The "Chico-8" Version 2.0 is out and for sale! Vertsion 2.0 uses "Power over Ethernet", abbreviated PoE. Each of the 8 Raspberry Pi 4B's now has only one corded connection to Gigabit Ethernet.

on 02 Feb 2020  Posted by Administrator  Category: Security News  

The "Chico-8" Version 2.0 is out and for sale!   

Vertsion 2.0 uses "Power over Ethernet",  abbreviated PoE. 

Each of the 8 Raspberry Pi 4B's now requires only one corded connection, to Gigabit Ethernet.

We also updated the Gigabit Switch to a version with dual uplink ports in addition to the 8 PoE ports.

More details and photos coming soon.  - Todd 

The "Skunk" and the moral implications of "Weaponizing" a mail-able WiFi testing system.

on 07 Jan 2020  Posted by Administrator  Category: Security News  

"WAR!   What is it good for?   Absolutely Nothing! " Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong, Motown 1969. 

That is pretty much how I feel about it, but its not always something we can prevent or avoid as an adult or as a corporation.   This brief article looks at the moral implications of "weaponizing" products originally intended for peaceful commercial uses such as Ethical Hacking and Pentesting. 

For this discussion we will consider a mail-able computer security tool designed by my company, The Computer Dudes, Inc.  We named it "The Skunk" because it is small and looks like it has a tail.

The Skunk is a small computer run by a cell phone battery pack that has a high power WiFi antenna.    We designed it a year ago for a client to test their internal network at several sites.  To do so we configured it to do passive scanning and to "call home" when it found an open public WiFi access point .  It would record its data internally too for when it reached its final destination.   The Skunk, as designed, is "Passive" and Legal when used in Pentesting.

We could "weaponize" The Skunk by making it become ACTIVE to jam, disrupt, plant viruses on or monitor any network.   Legally such a device could be sold to Law Enforcement or the Military.

Sounds good, but is it moral?   Consider a couple of examples.

Play "Devils Advocate" and say the Skunk was developed by people who do not approve of illegal uses, uses in war, or any uses outside the original design.  To violate their contracts, trust, or values is clearly a conflict of interest.

The thing that sticks in my mind, is what if our weaponized system disrupted something or caused other problems that resulted in civilian deaths.   

Is it moral to take something peaceful and make it a weapon?   I don't really know.  It is something my companies, employees, and I will research to consider further.    If you have good answers to the moral questions,  or just want to discuss some of this, feel free to comment or email me at:  corprattx@gmail.com  

Thanks! - Todd W. Byars, Founder, The Computer Dudes, Inc. Tallahassee, Florida.    Since 1997 :) 


Hackers or NO-Hackers, Start of the New Year with new Passwords and better Security Habits.

on 03 Jan 2020  Posted by Administrator  Category: Security News  

I bet you haven't changed your Password since "Last Year."   Probably a safe bet given December of 2019 was only a few days ago.

So start the year with New Passwords and Security Practices.    This article reviews passwords and basic security practices for an individual at work, home, and around town.


The main problem with most passwords is they are too short.   The second biggest problem is people keep the same passwords too long.   Both these issues are easy to solve.  A password should be more than 10 digits and contain several special characters in it along with some numbers.  

Change Passwords?  How Often?

How often you change your passwords is a combination of personal preference and risk.    For example, if you work in a bank, financial institution, corporation, or government entity you have a high risk and should change your passwords often.  Your organization may have a recommended maximum time length to keep passwords, check and see to make sure you are in compliance.    For high risk occupations you should change your password Monthly. 

If you are just a regular citizen in a low risk profession or retired then you can get away with keeping the same password for a while, but you should still change it several times a year.    

These are general guidelines based on best practices for individuals, small businesses,  government, and corporations and may be subject to change.   Stay alert and keep your data safe! :) 

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