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1 month ago
Cisco Command Line is still the best. ;)T


3 months ago
https://mycomputerdudes.com/product/3d-printed-rocket-from-guardians-of-the-galaxy/ Follow this link to purchase a 3-d printed plastic model of "Rocket" Racoon from Guardians of the Galaxy! Super detailed!! :)T

3 months ago
Here is an interesting website that does Site Ranking and Search Engine Ranking for any website. It generates a free report online and in PDF format. https://checkpagerank.net/index.php

9 months ago
Computer Dudes 800 Number: 1-800-545-1449

10 months ago
Chatbox Active: Sorry, you have to be a Computer Dude to post here. ;)

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This section gives special Focus on current Technology Issues in homes and small businesses.  

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The Computer Dudes, Inc. fight Ransomware, Spyware, and Viruses using Virtualization and Advanced Network Design

Computer Dudes help you save your data and software from Ransomware and other threats.

Ransomware and other viruses are hitting corporations, government and schools all over Florida and the United States.  

The Computer Dudes have been using advanced technology and network design to keep your computers and servers clean and fast since 1997.

Today we had a breakthrough on "Brute Force" password cracking.   Our new hardware/software solution can process in less than 15 minutes what use to take it more than 8 hours.  The tech can be used for testing passwords or decrypting locked files like "Ransomware."  

Coming Soon:  A basic guide to dealing with Ransomware.
                           Better Security Practices
                           Better Routing, Security and Backups
                           Removing Ransomware and viruses from standard and virtual computers once they have been infected.

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