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Why are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the other Social Networks are a little Geeky and Slow lately? What can you do about it?

on 23 Aug 2018  Posted by Administrator  Category: Security News  

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the other Social Networks are a little Geeky and Slow these last couple of days.

All those fake profiles being removed by Social  Networks and Online Media has caused some of the "criminal element" on the internet to strike back with denial of service and other type attacks.

It should end soon, Facebook, and other online Social Networks, have evolved effective defenses that react quickly when attacked.

Eventually Facebook will delete, ban, or block all of the attackers - which stops things for a while, until the next attack.

What's the solution then when your favorite Social Network, or Website, is slow and your posts disappear, or other wierdness?   Wait a bit, maybe even an hour or two and try again.   

You may also gain some speed by resetting your internet connection and restarting your computer.   Also remember to avoid 'peak usage' hours which are at the beginning of the business day, when the kids get home from school, the end of the business day and from 8 to 9 pm.   - Todd W. Byars, Field Engineer, The Computer Dudes, Inc.

Programming M0ther - Aka "The SimTank

on 21 Aug 2018  Posted by Administrator  Category: Technology  

M0ther, is the name of our Simulation Tank and the Servers that run it.  That's typed  MZEROther.  

M0ther, is virtual network, sealed off from the world, for testing and simulations.   In Computer Dudes main office, it has its own routers, domains, and network segments.  For most projects M0ther does not have Internet or other access to outside the network.

M0ther, is separate so nothing gets In or Out.  ;)

We use it for all sorts of things from the mundane, like working out a Microsoft or other OS error, to the advanced like setting up workstation/server demonstrations.   Research as well.   Programming and testing viruses too. 

M0ther, is for our corporate and research clients but our residential and small business clients benefit from our research as well    What can M0ther do for you?  - CorpRattX  

Want to stop Microsoft, Google, Facebook, or Corporate America and Government Agencies, from easily tracking your online habits and web surfing?

on 20 Aug 2018  Posted by Administrator  Category: Technology  

Want to stop Microsoft, Google, Corporate America, and Government Agencies, from easily tracking your web-surfing or online habits?

Tor is a "Secure Browser" that keeps most companies and government agencies out of your business.   Just download and install a free copy from the link below.
Download Tor.

Use it for functions you would rather keep private. ;)T

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