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Our Motto is "Nothing is Impossible."   Just ask us, we will build you anything.  - Todd W. Byars, Founder

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About Computer Dudes

Founded in 1997 by Todd W. Byars as a part time endeavor.   Within a year it was full time and the first major crisis in the industry we faced the 1999 bug.  It was busy days and long nights of building wiring, network rollouts and basic websites.

By the early 2000's we were already experianced with ALL Operating Systems including Microsoft, Unix, Linux, Apple, Droid and more.

In the 2010s it was on to VMware and Virtualization.   Clustering.   P2V Conversions.

In the 2020's we are building cluster type supercomputers, grading data centers, testing Cell Phone sites and towers as well as building solar powered outdoor cluster type supercomputers designed into custom granite monoliths engineered to last 100 years (with spare parts).

Our motto is "Nothing is Impossible"   Just ask us, we will build you anything.  

Your friend,
Todd W. Byars 

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3 days ago
Gordo-8 Core, Serial Number 004 completes 3D printing.

The core is on the bench now being built. It will be finished in less than 2 hours including programming and setup.
Modular Systems are the way to go! ;)T

6 days ago
Quote Request for Purchase and Placement, in a remote location, with the Satlink to Telcom option.

They want 10 of the new Gordo-12's now entering production. They may supply their own stone monoliths cut to our specs

Or we can ship them to the location then schedule our team for the setup and testing.

This this is a new client for our Private Client list. Enterprise Level, Global


1 week ago
Those of you with access to Geographic and Image Satellites -can you see
4 of 5 Monoliths in Place at our Site One Data Center?

The commercial satellites we have access to, due to contracts we have, show enough detail to tell what type of Granite or other Stone the Monoliths are made of.

Real time images and video will let you know what kind of Bird lands on which Monolith.

Dronecams are almost as good on professional drones that can be flow several hundred to several thousand feet above a site.

Address: 6555 Tom Roberts Road, Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Google maps are old they show no trees where Site One is now. Hi! ;)T

2 weeks ago
A modification of our #solaronemonolith allows for a Thermal Power System Option for power generation day and night.

This part is so secret we don't even write it down yet.

Thermal power generation is the next big thing, possibly even replacing Solar Panels because the thermal panels have a higher energy density and storage than standard or enhanced solar panels.

PS This advance happened because we learned something BIG on FAILURE in a different project.

Failure provides MORE DATA than success so maybe failure is not really a fail. Understand?? :)

Todd W. Byars
Computer Dudes

2 weeks ago
News from our Bio Battery / Generator project.
1) A thin layer of compressed air prevents bio-hazards from both sides.
2) Plant sap bypass device works much better than expected! :)T

3 weeks ago
The new #solaronemonolith a "T Head" Gordo 8 Class Six. We increased the cooling capacity of the PoE converters and gave them a better fan.

Basic System Configuration Price: $9,650

Thats less that $1,210 per server, with 10 years of No Power Bill for placement outside.

and it is Beautiful!! You choose the Granite!! With spare part sets it is designed to last 100+ years.

30 days till delivery on a new order as we have 4 more of these to build for clients.

Its first come, first server, cash preference AND you will be required to purchase a 1 year service contract for each unit.

How many you want and whats the shipping address? - Todd W. Byars

3 weeks ago
The #solaronemonolith survived Hurricane Elsa and two weeks of rain which is continueing today and it is still online!

We have some Birthday Video from July 4th to post soon. (6 months online)

The first Solar Monolithic Data Center continued growing through the storms too. We now have 4 of the 5 Monoliths in place.

The Gordo-8 Cores are programmed and ready for installation to the Monoliths.

The new High Density Flexible Solar Panels are in and the new 100 Ah batteries are in too.

More Soon :) CorpRattX

1 month ago
Starlink Ordered for #solaronemonolith off grid solar powered supercomputers, and the Site One data center now under construction.

The Computer Dudes, Inc.
"Nothing is Impossible"

Todd W. Byars
Computer Dudes

1 month ago
News from Site One.

Monolith 002 "T-Head" Power System Upgrades, Complete.
Monitor Upgrade to 43" Weatherproof Smart TV HDMI 4K, Complete.

Most of the SatLink parts have come in. The kind you need for Data to a real Communications Satellite in real time around the clock around the world.

We will have another "First" to announce in approximately 3 weeks.

There is some video and some photos of the project on Todd W. Byars LinkedIn Profile.

Please share. This is a "Thing" now.

Who loves you Baby? ;) CorpRattX

1 month ago
Computer Dudes - STAND DOWN.

Continue all projects. No new customers for 30 days as part of contract with Enterprise Level Corporations who wish to buy some of our technology. :)T

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