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Raspberian Linux Command Review

The CLI still reigns on Raspberian Linux for the Raspberry Pi 4B

Raspberian Linux Command Review

copy file

cp [file_name] [destination_file_path]

copy folder

cp -r [directory-name] [destination-directory]

zip and copy

tar -czf [destination-compressed-folder] [folder-to-compress]

copy to different disk

dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb
(or mount the disk if you don't want to copy an entire drive)

copy to different device

scp [file] [username]@[ip_address]:[filepath]

temperature live display command

python ~/temp.py

encrypt file command

openssl aes-256-cbc -a -salt -in [file] -out [encrypted-file]


openssl aes-256-cbc -d -a -in [encrypted-file] -out [file]

delete file

rm [file]

delete folder

rmdir [dir] #only works on empty directory

rm -r [dir] #use caution with recursive removal

secure delete

shred -zvu -n  5 [file]

ssh cli login and gui

ssh [username]@[ip-address]

show all processes command

ps -aux 

kill program command

kill [process-id]

log file access cli and gui

ls -l /var/log/syslog

mount usb drive

sudo fdisk -l                        #find the usb device name

sudo mkdir /mnt/usb          #create a directory if not already there

mount [storage-device-name] /mnt/usb

copy from to usb drive

mount then copy normally

copy from to hard drive

mount then copy normally

copy from to optical drive

mount then copy normally

#cluster JTR


#must be in directory /home/pi/git/JohnTheRipper/run/ 

mpiexec --hostfile mpi-nodes.txt ./john [hash-file] -wordlist:[directory to wordlist]

#note place wordlists and hashfiles in /home/nfs as it is a shared folder

#mpi test

mpiexec --hostfile mpi-nodes.txt ./john --test

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