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The "Chico-8" Version 2.0 is out and for sale! Vertsion 2.0 uses "Power over Ethernet", abbreviated PoE. Each of the 8 Raspberry Pi 4B's now has only one corded connection to Gigabit Ethernet.

 Administrator    02 Feb 2020
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The Computer Dudes, Inc, R&D announces that our Chico-8 microserver's power and communications systems have been upgraded to Power over Ethernet.

The "Chico-8" Version 2.0 is out and for sale!   

Vertsion 2.0 uses "Power over Ethernet",  abbreviated PoE. 

Each of the 8 Raspberry Pi 4B's now requires only one corded connection, to Gigabit Ethernet.

We also updated the Gigabit Switch to a version with dual uplink ports in addition to the 8 PoE ports.

More details and photos coming soon.  - Todd 

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